My love for quilting comes from a simple appreciation of the beauty of hand stitches and family ties. Growing up, our household beds were covered in quilts made by generations of women in my family. I loved running my fingers over the tiny stitches and knowing they were made by my grandmother's hands. I loved the quilted wall hanging in our living room, each square made by one of my aunts, that told the story of our family. It made me proud that these women could make something so beautiful. (That's my mom and aunt in the photo to the left).

While living in New York City I decided it was finally time for me to learn this family tradition. My job as a graphic designer required many hours on the computer every day and made me eager to create something not made of pixels. On a trip home to Ohio, I sorted through fabrics with my mother, choosing colors and deciding on a pattern. For the next two years most of my time outside of work was filled with hand piecing and then quilting; I had no idea how long it would take. I completed the last stitches with just a week before moving to Montgomery, Alabama, where I lived for a year and began to pursue this passion with greater dedication. I recently moved back to Cincinnati and am happy to be living in the Over the Rhine neighborhood and quilting away in my studio.

Each of my quilts, pillows, and wall hangings are handmade over many hours from raw materials to finished, heirloom quality pieces. After sketching out my concept, I hand dye my fabrics using natural materials. I then use those fabrics to machine piece and hand quilt my original designs. I use naturally dyed and repurposed fabrics in my quilts because I love the harmonious palette that naturally dyed fabrics create; the unique hues, gradations and textures that result from each different dye bath. I learned the process of natural dyeing from the wonderful Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn and continue to experiment and learn. 

I love that quilting is rooted in the skills and relationships of women. I love that it is both beautiful and functional. I love that it connects us with our family, our community, and our history. I feel lucky to help keep this generations old tradition alive and add my own hand to it. I hope to create quilts that will be treasured and passed on as heirlooms.

Please get in touch at with any questions or comments. I would love the hear from you, thank you for your interest in my work!